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David T. Ayers, III

Royal Oak, Michigan 48067  (248) 547-1418



Human Interface Development Qualifications:


Add value to business applications through improved User Interface design.


Interface Experience:

Menuing Systems: ISPF, DEC All-in-One, Ford Menu, etc.
Screen description languages: Focus FIDEL, ISPF Dialog Manager dbaseIV formats
Screen painters: Focus Windows, WinForms, FoxPro Screens, Visual Basic forms
Development systems: Apple HyperCard, Focus/TSO, PC/Focus, Focus For Windows, Cactus, WebFocus, Focus EIS/Pilot Lightship, Visual Basic 4, FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver 3
Command languages: MS/DOS, TSO, JCL, etc.


Apple: 'Human Interface Guidelines: The Apple Desktop Interface'
Microsoft: 'The Windows Interface: An application design guide'
IBM: 'Common User Access (CUA) specification'
Ford: 1995: 'Corporate Interface Style Guide', 'MS&CO Interface Style Guide'

Usability Activities:

User centered attitude towards achieving application goals
User profiling, interviews, storyboarding, prototyping, field observation, task analysis, usability testing, 
Creation of icons, screen templates, dialog text, user guides and help documentation

Graphic Tools (PC and Mac):

2D, 3D, and CAD drawing packages
Painting and image editing applications
Flowcharting and graphing software
Icon editors, resource editors, font management tools

Misc. Tools and Exposure:

Tree maps, pivot tables, visualization tools, user defined reporting
Light pen, keyboard, mouse, track pad, graphic tablet, toggle switches

Familiar with the works of leading names in the usability/user interface field, such as:

Don Norman: 'The Design of Everyday Things'
Jacob Neilson: 'Designing Web Usability'
Alan Cooper: 'About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design'
Bruce Tognazzini: 'Tog on Interface', 'Tog on Software Design'
Brenda Laurel: 'The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design', 'Computers as Theatre'
Edward Tufte: 'Envisioning Information', 'Visual Explanations'