The Ayers family moved into this old farm house in Birmingham in 1951. It was occupied by various members of the family until 1984. Built on an existing foundation in the 19 'teens', it was a larger Sears kit house finished in stucco. Next door is a similar Sears house, but finished in cut stone. It is now occupied by the second family since the Ayers left, and is being carefully restored inside.

These photos were taken in early May 2004.

West of 2384   Front of 2384   East of 2384    Living Room  

The Way it used to look (scanned from old photos):

Old Homested picture
Spring 1951 Photo, shortly after we moved in.
Tulip Tree.jpg (133956 bytes)
Our old Tulip tree inn bloom, with porch in background. This was taken before the driveway was paved
Persian Liliac.jpg (125419 bytes)

The Persian Lilic bush in the backyard.

Two new homes in the combined Nietski's lots:

New Bradway homes   New Bradway homes   Bradway view


Bob Nietski's, and Ann Splane's homes:

Bob Nescki House    Ann Splane house