David T Ayers Jr.'s (3/29/19 - 7/28/92) Naval history and ships:


7 / 1940 Joined Navy. One month cruise on battleship USS New York, to qualify for V-7 (90 day wonder) officer training.
8 / 1940 Indefinite leave of absence from U of C, Berkley after 3 years of engineering study.
12 / 1940 - 2 / 1941 3 months on training ship in Hudson river, NY.
6 / 1941 1.5 years sweeping and picket duty based in San Francisco, CA, as ensign and boat commander.
  U.S.S. Kildeer AMc-21
  U.S.S. Chatterer AMc-16
12 / 1942 Naval Mine Warfare School, Yorktown VA. 13 months, 3 as student, 10 as instructor.
  U.S.S. YP 384
2 / 1943 Married Janet Turpin, of Richmond, VA (then a Lt-jg)
1 / 1944 Mine Division 21. 1.5 years, Lieutenant
  U.S.S. Nuthatch AM-60 - Swept at Normany, Cherbourg, south coast of France, Mediterranean, and Italy
7 / 1945 Mustered out of Navy due to the end of WWII, as a Lt. Commander.
1949 6 months as Commander 3rd Division Richmond Naval Reserve, at Mayo Island VA. Left due to job transfer to Detroit MI.


U.S.S. Kildeer AMc-21

U.S.S. Chatterer AMc-16

U.S.S. YP-384

U.S.S. Nuthatch AM-60

Mine Division 21

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Dad on a beach

A beach somewhere in the War Zone. Lt. David Ayers is in the middle of the picture without a shirt.


Dad in Naples

Royal Palace in Naples in background - (left to right) Lt. David Ayers, Boson Rae Parrot, Boatswain Jack Peckham, Lt(jg) C. V. Sevich.


Note: Pictures are scans of, sometimes poor, original snapshots from family collection


Newlyweds at mine school

Lt. David T Ayers Jr. and Janet R Turpin, newlyweds, in front of quarters at Yorktown Mine Warfare School.