Home from Heartsfield

Heartsfields building just off Monument Avenue fits right in, with a cheery look.
Cats Bday dinner
For Cats Birthday dinner we gathered at Bottoms Up Pizza, right under the C&O viaduct, which was a treat for me. And yes, we did have a train pass by during a very fun meal.
Richmond RR Viaduct
The C&O viaduct carries 2 tracks over Shockoe Bottom. The line splits into the Mountain Division North past Main Street Station, and the James River line South of downtown.
Jefferson Hotel
I love the Jefferson hotel ! Probably because of the time I spent there visting Grandma Turpin when I was young, and the architectue, and the quiet, and the smell, and... I'm very glad its still running, and in such great condition.
Chatam Square condo
54 Chatam Square, Moms home.
Mom and me on porch
Mom told Birch to take this picture of her and I. What could I do ?
Royall at home
I visited Royal at his home, and he reluctantly agreed to let me take his picture.

Christmas 2004

Christmas Eve party at Mom's. Thanks to Alston and Vern for these images. I didn't get any pictures, as I was too busy playing butler.
kate, don, and jan
coalter, and janets tree
carlo and carter
aunt janets party
Christmas Evening party at Jan's. The house was beautiful, full of fine food and drink. Not as many people this year through. Quality rather then quantity ?
Alstons Boys at Jans
Jans Xmass Table
Cats Portrait
Jans Xmass Moose
Jans Xmass Moose
Other Christmas partys.
Alston and Kaki
Alston and Kakie, at Alstons. Comedy and Tragedy ?!?
Chrismass Party
Russ Donovan and Rob Gold at our Audio groups Christmas dinner. We usually get together for weekend breakfasts.
Chrismass Party
Bruce, Terry and Doug (the quiet alpha dog of the group) enjoying the meal and fellowship. Not just Audio, but interest in all kinds of electronic gadgets, ties this odd group together.

CSX Coal Train under Old Locke Lane

Old Locke Lane bridge over CSX
Royal told me about this bridge over the CSX James River line. It is more a private drive, and took some finding, but well worth it.
CSX Rail Burn
There was a recent derailment at this location, as evidenced by all the wrecked hoppers. The crew is working on the rail, probably to fix a lingering problem from the accident.
oncoming CSX Train
Thousands of tons of West Virginia coal heading 'East' for the coal docks at Newport News.
departing CSX Train
Tracks have existed along the towpath of the old James River & Kanawa canal since the 1880's. Chesapeake and Ohio, then Chessie, now CSX, use this water level line to bring Alleghany coal down to Tidewater.