August in Nags Head, North Carolina

For Jans 40th, she, Don, the girls, Mom, Eleanor, and myself, got together at the Blue Heron in Nags Head.

Albemarle Bridge
Driving across the causeway to the Outer Banks.
Motel view
The view looking North to the Atlantic shore from the Blue Heron Motel in Nags Head NC.
Motel Beach View
Looking out to the ocean from my room. Nicely framed view.
Beach Bums
Hanging out on the beach. What could be better ?
Beach Darrs
Jan and Don enjoy the water. Surfs Up !
Beach Darrs
The day lengthens and thoughts turn to... Where are we going to eat tonight ?!?
Blue Heron motel
Heading back to the Blue Heron after another great day on the beach.
Jans Bday in room
After a beach day we get cleaned up and meet in one of our rooms for cocktails, talk, games, and maybe a birthday.
Colington group
Out to a fine dinner at Colington, one of the areas better restaurants, the group poses for the camera while waiting for our table.
Nice Roommates
My roommates, making it seem like a fun college dormitory.

Jen in Salt Lake City

LimoRide.jpg (63631 bytes)
Jim and Jen are in a limo as a surprise to Jen for her 26th bday - her first time riding in a limo!
JimJenBridge.jpg (70807 bytes)
Jen and Jim on a garden bridge at La Caille (pronouced La Ky), which is a 5 star restaurant in Salt Lake City
LaCailleVineyard.jpg (70044 bytes)
The La Caille Vineyard with quite a backyard !
DaBoys.jpg (54653 bytes)
Da Boys, Jim and Jens best friend from college, Steveo
George_Deck.jpg (103279 bytes)
George out on the Deck

Christmas 2003

Jans_Tree_2.jpg (170080 bytes)
A Darr Christmas: The size of the tree, the volume of gifts, the decorations !
Jans_Ring.jpg (102662 bytes)
Jan is either being foppish, or is showing off a new ring.
Mom_at_Home.jpg (91080 bytes)
Mom, in front of her mantelpiece with stockings hung with care...
Store_Display.jpg (124352 bytes)
A store display somewhere in one of the malls. I liked that lighting.
Darr_Backyard.jpg (131763 bytes)
Hurricane damage still laying on the ground out back of the Darr house.

Cass Senic Railroad, Cass West Virgina

I took old Hwy. 250 from Stauton, on my way home from Richmond, and took a few side trips...

Greenbank_Scope_2.jpg (139752 bytes)
The largest radio telescope at the Greenbank WV, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, rising out of the early mountain mist. That thing is BIG, compare to the pickup truck at the base.
WV_Scenes_6.jpg (127642 bytes)
Cass, West Virginia is just across the Greenbrier River here. A Cheasapeake & Ohio branch line used to run beside the river, through Cass and the old sawmill to Durbin. I rode on it back in 1985, before it was washed out and abandoned.
Shay_No5_1.jpg (111432 bytes)
This Shay type steam locomotive pulled and pushed us up the steep grades of the Cass Scenic Railroad, which was once the Mower Lumber Company.
Thru_the_Woods_2.jpg (91634 bytes)
We've climbed past Leatherbark Creek, gone through a switchback, and are now traveling through the cool, peaceful, second growth, forest.
From_Tracks_3.jpg (142984 bytes)
The line winds and climbs, farther then I rode that day, up to Bald Knob, 2390 feet higher then Cass. It's on the shoulder on the right of Cheat mountain in the background.
From_Tracks_1.jpg (55813 bytes)
One of the vistas to be enjoyed during the trip up the mountain
WV_Scenes_1.jpg (49357 bytes)
West Virginia presents another stunning scene.