The September 14th Trifecta  Party at the River Club

Candel Blowout
Royall, Cassie, (the birthday guy and gal) Kaky and George (the old married couple) try to figure out who is going to blow out the candles.
Royall and Cary
Supply your own caption for this little interaction !
Don dancing
Oh'ma god ! Don can dance...
Three amigos
Are these three gals close, or what ?
Cat and Jen
Does Jenny get the prize for the farthest guest (Denver) ?
Chip and Cassie
Cassie the birthday girl and dad, old 'what's his name'.
Dougie and camera
Everybodys taking pictures !
Partying at Alston's
The party doesn't stop, it just moves to Alston and Vern's. Yeah !

At Jan Darr's in September

Jans table
After lunch in Jans dining room.
Janet, Kathrine, Jenny, Don, Jan, Ellenor
Ladies chatting
Ladies doing what they do...
Jan, Jen and Cat
The girls !   Aren't those great smiles ?

Christmas 2002

Dinner Group
The ladies in their finery at Williamsburg Inn.
Jamestown Table
Should I shoot the table or the faces ? Can't decide, and I don't have a wide angle lens....
Dinner Snooze
Jenny and James nod out after, maybe a bit too much, fine food and drink.
Mom Seated
In Jans Kitchen
The out of town guests preparing a special recipe for us. (it was GOOD !)
Xmas Tree Group
A happy family.

Meta Ayers in Richmond in April

Meta cooking
Meta cooking pizza from scratch, at Dougie's.
Pizza time
Group pizza pix !
Party group
Meta's somewhere in this gang of party people at Royall's.