Dave's Photos:

This is an odd collection of my pictures I consider possibly entertaining. Hope you like some of them.    

This site is full of images, probably because I'm a very visual person, uncommon for a programmer.  Models, Steel mills, Locomotives, Audio stuff, along the way of my Travels, And More...

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Winter in Royal oak
Fall colors
Fall in Royal Oak
Sunset scene
Royal Oak Sunset
New river at Grandview WV
The New river from Grand View WV just before Christmas 2003. Just the cry of the hawks and the blurble of the oldest river in America, 1400 feet below. A very peaceful and timeless feeling !


I have been taking photographs for many years, for recording, not for art, never great, but occasionaly I get some that please me. These images have graced my home page, and then ended up here.  Smiley