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I've accumulated forum post drafts, lists, essay fragments, and other thoughts on audio, gear, and audiophilia over the last three quarters of a decade, and now (early 2018) find some time and motivation to organize and markup some of the odd subjects that caught my fancy, seemed worthy of sharing, and some things I've chewed over for decades.

Audiophile, research, and electronics history...

Built my first transistor electronic circuits in the early '60s to control model trains. Learned electronic and computer repair in the Army in 1969 and later working in commercial mainframe companies. Built a preamp from scratch in mid '70s. I've modded amps, electrostatic interfaces, power supplies, and what-not over the years to have nice audio gear without huge amounts on money.

To be clear I am not a circuit designer, other then integrating various circuit elements, but a craftsman and tinkerer with a mechanical engineering background. Circuit design is a dedicated career I didn't pursue.

I found audiophile issues intellectualy stimulating and devoured books and experiences to equip myself to pursue the hobby properly. A solid foundation had to be established with the history and properties of sound, general acoustics, the acoustics of listening spaces. The recording process was important to know to trace the entire path of recorded sound from the microphone to our ears...But the most interesting, and important field was pyschoacoustics. I'd already started interest in the mechanics of the mind/brain from my computer training, and some pyscological readings I'd done in an unsettled time in my file. So the mecanisms of hearing came into shrp focus. But there is not much on the hearings skills of advanced listeners, like musicians, audiophiles, sonar operators, and such...