Out back on the sun porch, my backup audio system provides music for parties, dart games, cook outs, or just hanging out.

Acoustat Spectra 1100 speakers, Infinity FET preamp, or Marantz 2215 reciever (modified with line outs) and Audio Research D-52 'd' solid state amplifiers (one for each speaker, verticaly bi-amped).

A portable CD player, a HK -715 Digital Tuner and an Internet Radio feed from iTunes on my Mac, provide lots of music choices for what ever activity is going on out back.

The unheated porch may be a factor in the failure of the 1100 dynamic woofer drivers. Their cones have become separated from the rubber surrounds. I'm trying to find the correct replacement drivers. When I get them fixed I may have a pair of powered electrostatic hybrid speakers for sale !


Porch Audio

They're out of the way, but fill the room and the deck in good weather, with a nice sound and varied music for all occasions.


  Porch Audio detail