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This analog audio system combined a full range 2 channel audiophile system, improved TV and FM radio sound, and a 5 channel home theater system. Upgraded speakers and main amps, from the previous configuration, forms the analog basis for the additional of a digital music source in the next incarnation of my system.

Audio Equipment

Acoustat Spectra 3300 electrostatic speakers with 2 Velodyne subwoofers below 75 hz. 

MFA Magus tube preamp and Marsh solid state amplification.

Modified Yamaha PX-2 straight-line tracking, fully automatic, turntable, and Theta Miles integrated CD player sources.

A Denon 2700 A/V receiver ties all the video pieces together and drives the B&W center channel and surround speakers from decoded or synthesized channels.

A programmable remote control is necessary to manage all the usual control functions for all these devices.

FM, TV, DVD/Laser Disk, and VCR sources.


My audio system
The Audio/Video system spreads along the long wall in my living room

Audio equipment rack
Equipment rack - Left: Yamaha PX-2 turntable, MFA preamp, Theta 'Miles' CD player, Marsh A400 amp. Right: Behringer 8024 and mike for RTA, Denon A/V Reciever, Pioneer DVD/LD player. Rear: B&W center channel speaker, Mitsubishi TV, JVC VCR.

left woofer
Rear of left speaker showing Velodyne 12" subwoofer and Blue Heaven cables

right woofer
Rear of right speaker showing subwoofer and cables

cable dressing
Dressed wiring behind equipment stand, centered on the Richard Marsh designed Monster HTS2000 Power Center. Cable routing is categorized and  dispersed to minimize interference, as much as possible.