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My previous Audio/Video system was based on Acoustat  Spectra 1100 speakers with vertical bi-amplification.

MFA tube preamp and 2 ARC D-52d (modified) solid state amps.

Acoustat 1100 hybrid electrostatic speakers and Velodyne servo subwoofer below 80 hz. 

Straight-line tracking, fully automatic Yamaha PX-2 turntable.

Theta CD player, and Nakamichi cassette sources.

A Denon A/V receiver ties all the video pieces together and drives the center channel and surround speakers from either decoded or synthesized 5 channel mode.

A programmable remote control is necessary to manage all the usual control functions for all the devices.

FM, TV, DVD, Laser Disk, and VCR sources


my audio system

The Audio/Video system spreads along the long wall in my living room


Sub and Amp detail
(clockwise) Old records to clean, Velodyne subwoofer, Nitty Gritty record cleaner, window, ARC D-52d amp, on Acoustat Spectra 1100 woofer box.
amp/speaker connections
From bottom: Modified Acoustat woofer box with crossover panel, electrostatic interface box, homemade amp platform. D-52d Amp, steel cube to sink stray flux. Wire to woofer is Tributaries 12 gauge stranded, electrostatic interface is connected with a short section of Goertz MI 1 copper ribbons. Unused amp input is protected with a Cardas cap.
wiring detail
Dressed wiring behind equipment stand, centered on the Richard Marsh designed Monster HTS2000 Power Center. Cable routing is categorized and dispersed to minimize interference, as much as possible.
Record storage
Storage for Records, Laserdisks, and some of my CDs.