Current equipment in my home Audio/Video System

New - Digital Music Server

Mac G4 (dual 533mz), M-Tech Audiophile 192 DAC, OS 10.4, iTunes 9.1

  2 Channel Audio:

MFA 'Magus' rev. C tube preamp. (review) Golden Dragon tube for the line amp and Sovteks in the phono section.

Marsh A400s 200 watt /channel amplifier

Modified - Acoustat Spectra 3300 full range electrostatic speakers.

Velodyne FS-12 servo controlled subwoofers. (review) Crossed over at 80 hz.


  2nd string Speaker/Amps

Modified - Acoustat Spectra 1100 hybrid electrostatic speakers.

Modified - 2 Audio Research D-52d amplifiers,  vertically bi-amped, 'monoblock' configuration.


  Analog Sources:

Modified Yamaha PX-2 turntable w/ straight-line tracking arm.

Grado Reference Platinum  or Sumiko Blue Point cartridge.

Nakamichi 480Z cassette deck.


  Digital Sources:

Tweaked Theta 'Miles' CD player. (review)

Pioneer Elite DVL-91 Combo DVD, LaserDisk player.

OPPO DV-980H  Universal DVD player


  Home Theatre:

Denon AVR-2700 Audio/Video Receiver. (review, review)

JVC HR-S3600U Super-VHS VCR.

Mitsubishi CS-27EX1 27" Television.

Sceptre 37" LCD HDTV

B & W CC3 center channel, and DM302 surround speakers.

Home Theatre Master SL-9000 buttoned universal/programmable remote control. (review)



Nordost 'Blue Heaven' 2m speaker cables, Goertz Micro-Purl, Audioquest Jade, Kimber PBJ, homemade Mogami, and misc. interconnects.

Monster Cable HTS2000 PowerCenter.

Vantage Point 3 Shelf Video System Stand.

Black Diamond Racing  'The Shelf' (turntable) and 'Pyramid Cones' (CD player).

Nitty Gritty Model 3  record cleaner.