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2001, an Audio Odyssey
Stepped pools at Cranbrook Institute of Art
Detroit is in the distance, across a bay of lake St.Clair, during a stroll at Metropolitan Beach on a gorgeous summer weekend !
The elevated freeway construction machine, before it collapsed last year, at work on the new I-280 in Toledo

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Site purpose

This site is an odd collection of material I consider worthy of publication. If it interests you, great, if not, it can't be helped.    Smiley

The content here is mainly sharable aspects of my interests. including Scale Model Building, Audiophile Sound, computers, Web and Focus Programming. Also some things to share with my family and some things to sell. Enjoy...     

- Site News -

Site Updates  

Working on a new set of tools to update the files for this web site, migrating from an old (!!) Windows 2000 server/Frontpage PC, to my regular Mac machine. So I hope to soon be able to be a lot more productive in adding new content, and fixing old problems here :)


Added 'SciFi on AI Books', and 'My Influential Books' pages (still need some work...)


Moved the static web pages from the closed Brass Backshop Forum, to save the Links and Files pages.


Wow, has it been that long ? No, I just haven't noted my infrequent, small updates. But this time I did quite a bit in the sales pages - add, update and delete. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but for a number of reasons, they have become very difficult to imbed. I need a good Mac web editor !


More updates on the 'For Sale' pages, plus new HO Passenger Car Parts page 

7/10, 5/25/12

Lots of updates on the 'For Sale' pages, major revamp of the Hulett Unloader page, and various corrections and updates. Hope to keep at it for a while now  :) 


I have been updating the 'For Sale' pages, and getting more in the habit of working on this site, but had a bad hard drive crash on my main Mac laptop. Lost a couple of months of email and photos, as well as other stuff :((

And then there was the work to fix to replace the drive and restore what I could. Funny this is the 2nd crash in 6 months that has cost me data. Time to get a better backup and upgrade processes in place !


I have gotten a 'new' PC configured with the tools and data to manage this site, and now should be able to catch-up with the backlog of corrections and additions waiting for far too long. 


OMG ! Almost a year since I got back here...

But I have updated some sold stuff, and added some new things for sale. I will be working on a lot of updates that have accumulated. some new model pictures, and hopefully a lot of new material on ARMCO and Ashland KY iron and steel works. I have the info, but it needs to be consolidated,, written up and posted.

Apologies to those who emailed me with no or a belated response - my Inbox grew out of proportion to what I could deal with - Sorry :(


It's been a long time since I've done much on this site. A new job, holidays, business trips, a death in the family, and so on have kept my attention elsewhere, but I have made some updates here and there, and intend to get back to adding more content very soon.


New page on Cokers and Quenchers, Steel modeling suppliers, a brass MU power conversion, plus lots of cleanup on my Steel pages.


New updates in Steel and Brass modeling.


Lots of updates, since I've been held up by a PC upgrade (why do they always go wrong ?), programming projects, and the holidays.

The new Darr House  and Family 2006 pages are now up to date. Added  a bunch of new model photos, and odds and ends. 


Lots of new steel related pictures and info (and more is coming) since I joined the Yahoo STEEL Group - see 'New Pages'. New family military and new house pages, and pictures of Calen Grippa.

This site is growing, it now consists of over 2200 files and 50 megabytes ! And more to come  :) 


New family pictures, updated steel mill car models, some other stuff in modeling, and some tweaks here and there.


I have a new phpBB web forum for folks that work on brass locomotives. Modelers should check it out.


Added new C&O brass galleries, a contact form, and fixed internal links.

Site Updates  1/26/06:

Link to my latest site project:JandJLawyers.com

Site Updates  11/01/05:

Finially added the site map. fixed some broken internal links, some external ones are still bad. Damn link rot ! Cleanup continues...

Site Updates  10/20/05:

Added  photos of Jenny's wedding. Completed updating pages to new style, added some more new content here and there, and fixed some problems. Now that all the pages have been upgraded, global changes should be easier. Next, C&O Locomotive data...

Site Updates  8/30/05:

More progress; new pages and imbedded links to Amazon books. I get a small percentage if you buy through my links, so help support this site !

Site Redecorating  8/14/05:

I've had a burst of progress here lately. Dozens of pages have been 'redecorated' with my new design and code, errors fixed, and lots of new pages added. I hope to continue this progress and, when all my old pages have been updated, convert to XHTML. I have plans for more new content too !

Yea, and I'll change these pictures soon...

Site maintenence  5/22/05:

Progress on the site was slowed by various MS software problems. Reinstalling the OS and all apps, FrontPage didn't want to help with removing subwebs...

Anyway I have added some recent modeling photos, fixed links, and other boring stuff, and hope to get back to adding some more good content here.  :)

Site upgrading  12/3/04:

Pages are slowly being upgraded with the new design, and new content (an added bonus !). The process is a bit slow, but proceeding well...

Site redesign  11/2/04:

Started a site redesign with a new home page using ' Liquid Layout' design concepts. This combination of semantic HTML,  and CSS2 positioning and formatting produces smaller, more maintainable and elegant code as well as much more useful, adaptable and attractive web pages. More pages will follow as time permits...

Additions 6/25/04:

Added Dad's Naval History pages under 'Family'. Updated Audio System pages with new speaker/amp combo..

Additions 5/27/04:

Updated DTAM locomotive photos, Tool mod. photos. Added a page of the old Ayers homestead photos. And more... 

Additions 6/24/03:

Updated home page and various fixes. HTML 4.01 validation. CSS update. Many new links in Modeling - Steel, new Ashland Steel and C&O pages.

Additions 4/15/03: 

New material in Modeling - Steel Industry, Indispensable Tools. 'G' RR Crane, Construction equipment, New DTAM engines. In Audio - ARC D-52d Mod info and pix, Basic site building hints in Web Workshop. Home page updates and new photo